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Hotel shows off scary swimming pool suspended in the sky — April 8, 2013

Hotel shows off scary swimming pool suspended in the sky


If you would like to swim in the clouds, a hotel is offering a swimming pool just for you.


Holiday Inn in Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao has a swimming pool with an exceptional view, as the picture shows.


Part of the indoor pool, which sits above the 24-story hotel, stands in the main building and part is suspended the air. The floor of the pool is constructed of tempered glass.


This gives customers a feeling deliriously swimming in the sky, where swimmers could see clearly down the street, while passers in Xiuyan Lu Street can see the swimmers above.


“I felt like I was flying in the sky, I could also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pudong from here, this is so great and wonderful,” said a swimmer at the hotel.


“We wanted to offer our guests a unique experience to swim, and make them feel they are on vacation, even in a bustling city,” said a spokesman for InterContinental Hotels Group, parent company of Holiday Inn.


While not splashing in the water, guests can enjoy views of the city of Pudong stretched to the horizon of Lujiazui in the lounge by the pool.

Actress, Mercy Johnson Returns —

Actress, Mercy Johnson Returns


Nollywood most-sought-after actress, and mother of one, Mercy Johnson who is currently missing on screen, following her continues sojourn in the United States after giving birth to her first child, Purity, is set to reconnect with her fans again through the release of last movie, “ Baby Oku in America.”


Mercy starred  in the movie alongside, Chets Aniekwe and  fast rising star Ani Amatosero before embarking on sabbatical leave few months ago.


The movie produced by Gabriel Moses, the CEO of Amaco Films and I-Com International Company is a comedy that tells the story of a newly married Nigerian couple that relocated to the United States of America, a move that brought out the ignorance and unpleasant character of the woman in the marriage as she strive to live and preach the gospel of gender equality in their marriage in the wrong way.


According to Gabriel Moses, the executive producer of the movie, the cast and crew had to work in Nigeria and the United States to show the beauty of both countries while taking full advantage of the cordial bilateral relationship that exist between the United States of America and Nigeria.


Meanwhile the ace movie producer who has produced films like One Dollar, Abandoned, Old School among others, has promised that Baby Oku in America will not be his last movie in the business

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